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The world as we know is on the verge of digitization. Everything is gradually getting digitized, no matter how big or small it is. We are familiar that you too are in search for some of the most appropriate digital solutions for your daily tasks at work. It’s evident that this obsession of yours is due to the fact that it can stop you from wasting time and help you to become more productive instead.
Keeping the above scenario in mind, W-techsol thought, out of all the daily office tasks why not focus on developing a digitized visitor management system. It is so; because keeping such daily records manually in a register or a spreadsheet is no longer considered a smart act. But before moving forward, let us ask you some very crucial questions:

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  • Do you need a fast way of registering the records of your visitors?
  • Do you want to search for a particular visitor from your records instantly?
  • Do you want to maintain a detailed database of visitors along with their pictures?
  • Do you want a Web / Mobile based software, for keeping the records of your visitors?

Well, if you have such questions, we have their answers. W-techsol has brought to you an astonishing Visitor Management System named AXESS. The software is completely digitized, yet it is easy to handle and understand.

About W-techsol Axess

W-techsol Axess is one of the best visitor management software that aids in the effective record keeping of all the visitors, who visit a particular premise.
With Axess the receptionist can readily register the essential information about the visitors. Plus, tracking down a particular visitor’s data is also not hard. The authorized person (receptionist) can only search for that limited data, to which he or she has been provided axess too. However, the chief admin can have axess to every bit of the data that has been entered by the front-end account holders (receptionists).

Here is the list of some interesting features of Axess, have a look:

It is a Web / Mobile based software

It can be connected to a webcam/ digital camera.

It can be used to maintain the detailed database of the visitors, along with their pictures.

It can also track down the detailed data of the visitors, on the basis of name, phone number, date, etc.

It is a Web / Mobile based software.

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