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W-techsol application development service considers everything ranging from a simple content application to multifaceted e-business and social media apps. Our goal is not just to satisfy you by providing the best possible solution, we even target to fulfill the needs and requirements of your clients and users as well. We have a team of experts working with us 24/7, who have experience of working on complex and diverse projects. Our focus and aims help us to generate efficient, leading and smart applications, which can even capture the whole needs of your business.

Development Process


After getting the full-fledged information from the customer, we analyze and identify the requirements


The application will be tested according to the customers requirement. Engineers will integrate the application, ask for customers? feedback and then will conduct the debugging.


Our engineers are responsible for crafting the interface and prototype and In the end, complete the design according to customers? requirement.


Our engineers will finalize the whole project, will upload the quality work on servers and make sure that it is developed according to the deployment plan.

Offered Services



We have a confidence in generating splendid interface, that not only focus on aesthetics, also on pre and post purchase experiences of the user. In whole it includes the different aspects, like intuitiveness, accessibility and user-friendliness.



To balance the database read or write activity, the architecture is widely used to get best of Memcache. This whole balance is done for achieving lowest overheads in term of central processing unit?s usage while scaling on the server. That is the place where multiple and applicable server cases are mapped out and designed.

API Layer


To bring back data in the shape of JSON objects, we develop Rest Base API to communicate with the back-end. With the help of this, you can reuse the data and make it easy to open data for the third party. In future, third party can also access the APIs and can deploy on different platforms.



We have vast experience in the back-end database, our experience ranges from Teradata, MySQL, Google App Engine data store and Oracle etc. We select our best techniques and possible technologies according to project requirements and develop an optimized structure to get the best scaling and fastest results.

External API’s


You can find so many open and licensed platforms in the market with APIs. Therefore, you can find thousands of features which could be integrated into many products. We use these features to implement them into our applications to create fine products.

Unit Testing


As you all know that application based projects are pretty large and complex. Unit testing become very helpful and fruitful when it comes to testing the errors. We run these testing in between and after the completion of projects to make sure the results that we receive are the same as we were expecting.

Deployment &


We have experience of working with tremendous and world-class firms in managing and deploying production environments. Our team makes sure that your operating system servers such as Windows and Linux are adjusted for better results, scaling, replication, load-balancing, and performance.

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